FSX:SE – How to get Plan-G Flight Tracking Working on OS X / Wine

One cool feature of Plan-G is the ability to connect to FSX and track your flights, even remotely.

Since my laptop uses OS X, I thought I’d install Plan-G via wine to track my flights.

Here’s what I did to get Plan-G working with wine:

  1. Download wineskin on OSX, download Plan-G
  2. Install Samba. Yes, really. I downloaded SMBup, but had to manually deactivate OSX’s samba, and manually activate “real” samba.
  3. Run wineskin and create a new blank wrapper
  4. Launch the wrapper and install .net
    1. Click on “Advanced”, “Tools”, “Winetricks”, and install msxml3
    2. Install dotnet40
  5. Run regedit, and add the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\S-1-5-21-0-0-0-1000
  6. Install Plan-G within the wrapper.

Plan-G should now load with wine, although it may be pretty buggy. Here’s how I set up Plan-G for remote access:

  1. Build the navigation database. There are two ways to do this:
    1. Share your FSX directory via samba. Point Plan-G to your /Volumes/sharedrive/FSX directory, and build the database
    2. Install Plan-G on the same computer as FSX, and build the database there. Then, copy your Documents\Plan-G Files\Data directory into your ~/Documents/Plan-G Files/Data directory on your mac
  2. Load Plan-G. Note that the following was pretty buggy for me; I had to hit alt and navigate via keyboard to avoid a crash. In File->Options->FS Connection:
    1. Connect via simconnect, IPV4
    2. Enter in the IP Address of your FSX computer
    3. Set the port to 4506
  3. Now go to your FSX computer. Make sure you have simconnect installed. If you don’t already, google it 🙂
  4. Follow the Plan-G manual, section 20.3 on how to create the simconnect XML on your FSX PC. Make sure that the IP address in your XML is the IP address for your FSX PC, not your remote PC.
  5. In Plan-G, and with FSX loaded, hit “Connect”