Creating a Xen Gaming System – Motivations

Are you a gamer?
Tired of your main Windows machine needing periodic windows reinstalls?
Have you ever been frustrated by having to dual-boot to Linux?


These are a couple of great reasons to make a Xen gaming system.

In my case, I wish I could just do everything within the Apple / OSX ecosystems, and to boot into virtual machines for Linux.

But as we all know, video games ruin all of this. Some of the best games just don’t run under Windows (or even Linux), and even if they did, Apple hardware isn’t easily upgradeable, so your machine can quickly end up out of date.

So this, plus the “wow” factor of having a successful virtualization setup is a large part of what led me on my Xen journey, and my goal is the following:

dom0 – Arch Linux / Xen 4.4

  • Windows 8.1
  • OSX [WIP]
  • Chrome OS [WIP]
  • A home cloud server [WIP]
  • Various Linux test machines